In 2009, the Stora Enso Skoghall paper mill in Sweden decided it was time to replace the vibration monitoring system of its board machine KM8.

The task was given to SPM Instrument, which during the summer and fall of 2009 replaced the old measuring units and software with its Intellinova online condition monitoring system. Many transducers, connectors and cabling then left in place have since also been replaced.

During the upcoming production stop at Skoghall this fall, SPM will replace all transducers, connectors and cabling on the KM8 reel and winder. The harsh environment has caused excessive wear on existing equipment, and the new installation is made very robust in order to last for many years to come.

On its two board machines KM7 and KM8, the Skoghall mill produces carton-board aimed for consumer packagings and for printing purposes. KM7 has an annual production capacity of 300,000 tons, while KM8 with its capacity of 425,000 tons is one of the world´s largest board machines.

SPM are very proud to once again be entrusted with an order from Stora Enso Skoghall, and look forward to project cooperation this fall.