DuoTech accelerometer

Press Release
Strängnäs, June 11, 2015

SPM Instrument, Sweden, leading worldwide provider of condition monitoring technology and products, now announces the global market introduction of DuoTech®, a new multi-purpose accelerometer for vibration and shock pulse measurement.

Superior combination of HD measurement technologies

In the DuoTech® accelerometer, two of the most widely used and successful methods for monitoring mechanical condition come together: vibration and shock pulse measurement. The combination of the patented HD ENV® and SPM HD® measuring techniques provides maximum flexibility, enabling superior lubrication and bearing monitoring - covering the entire bearing deterioration process – as well as detection of vibration related problems.

The new HD ENV® technique is a transition in technology to a new era in vibration monitoring. This high definition enveloping technique utilizes patented algorithms for digital signal processing to detect early stage gear and bearing faults. DuoTech® can also be used for standard vibration measurement, looking for unbalance, misalignment, vane pass frequency vibration problems, machine belt vibrations and loose parts.

The much acclaimed SPM HD® shock pulse measurement technology provides reliable information on the lubrication and mechanical condition of bearings. Instant evaluation of bearing condition is given in an easily understood green-yellow-red color scheme.

DuoTech joins the best of two cutting-edge monitoring technologies. The scope of machine problems which can be detected and monitored, the clarity of the measuring results and the forewarning times made possible with HD ENV and SPM HD – they are all unparalleled to other measuring techniques,” says Stefan Lindberg, CEO of SPM International.

Performance without compromise

Digital technique and carefully engineered mechanics provide very impressive performance characteristics, proven in thorough field tests. The DuoTech® accelerometer provides consistent, high-precision readings in the low and high frequency range.

The robust design makes DuoTech® an appropriate choice for a wide variety of industrial applications, including harsh and potentially explosive environments. For measurement with portable data collectors and analyzers, the DuoTech® quick connector version enables flawless signal transmission.

Flexibility and cost-efficiency

DuoTech® is IEPE compatible with 100 mV/g as nominal sensitivity and connects to standard vibration inputs. This facilitates easy integration into existing equipment and makes the accelerometer an excellent and cost efficient choice for retrofit projects, with the added benefit of flexibility to select the best measuring technique for a given type of problem or application.


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