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Press Release
Strängnäs, June 22, 2015

SPM Instrument, Sweden, leading provider of condition monitoring technology and products, today presents Condmaster®Ruby 2016, the latest version of the comprehensive condition monitoring diagnostics and troubleshooting software.

Condmaster®Ruby 2016 is more flexible than ever. Delivering significant and user-driven improvements, the new version of this powerful and versatile software has undergone a major design upgrade. In addition, Condmaster®Ruby 2016 supports the just-released HD ENV® measuring technique and the DuoTech® accelerometer for shock pulse and vibration measurement. It also supports the new 2016 Edition of the Leonova portable instruments.

Improved user experience with optimal flexibility and greater efficiency

Powerful usability enhancements provide easy navigation, clear overview and refined visualization of measurement data. A range of flexible features to customize workflows and manage the analysis of condition measurement data gives an efficiency boost to the daily work of engineers and analysts.

Condmaster®Ruby 2016 has been given a clean, modern interface, increasing ease of use. Graphic elements with enhanced color and contrast provide good visibility and clarity. The graphical user interface now enables a more personalized appearance of Condmaster® windows and displays. With drag and drop functionality, users can easily create a form layout of their own choice and save it as default. A much requested feature is the possibility to “detach” windows from the Condmaster main display, thus enabling quicker navigation between prioritized information as well as the use of multiple computer screens.

In the Spectrum view, each chart and plot can be resized individually. In addition, tool panels can be positioned anywhere within the Spectrum window using drag and drop functionality. Another novelty is the possibility to add trend graphs, spectrums and more as background objects in the Graphical Overview, displaying live updates. The ability to show predefined fault symptoms also in the time domain is a much anticipated feature that is now implemented.

Vibration technician Peter Forsström at the Stora Enso Kvarnsveden paper mill has been instrumental in the further development of the new Condmaster® version: “The new spectrum function provides a better overview of measurements, making analysis more efficient. Fewer keystrokes are needed to obtain and display relevant information. The Graphical Evaluation functionality is also enhanced, making it easier to sort out the readings we want to have a closer look at. Both of these functions have been made more user friendly.”

A new installer and changes in Condmaster®Ruby Administrator makes installation and initial setup easier than ever. With the new Software Updater, new Condmaster® revisions can easily be searched for and installed. 

For more details, download ‘Upgrade Benefits’ below or contact your nearest SPM company or distributor.